Windscreen wipers shuddering across windscreen

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We have had our Kamiq 2021 Monti Carlo for just on 2 years and have been generally happy with the car however ever since we've owned the vehicle we have had problems with windscreen wipers shuddering across the windscreen. We have taken the car back several times replacing wiper blades etc, and both times has been temporarily rectified.
Unfortunately , the problem keeps re-occurring.

I have spoken to the dealer manager and he's informed me this is a common problem with the Kamiq and probably due to some sort of coating we had done to protect the paint but unsure. One of the technicians at the dealership suggested half a wet potato wiped over the windscreen and rinsed might do the trick, I'll give that a go this weekend.

Is anybody else out there in Skoda Land having the same problem?
If so how have you dealt with this?

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Post by Lofty »

Mine has been perfect now 3.5yrs from new, no problems at all. There is definitely something on the surface of the screen. Try a very strong solution of good quality car shampoo (glass only not on bodywork). If that doesn’t work try a gentle rubbing of white spirit on a soft cloth & as a last resort Methylated spirit. I’ve used it (meths) to remove tar splashes on door sills etc for years. It won’t damage bodywork if used sensibly.🤞
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