Dash cam fitting.

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The cigarette lighter outlet always has power. Why not plug it into there?

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here is another question about fuse ratings if anybody can help..
I'm about to fit a dashcam with parking mode so I need a permanent live fuse and a switched fuse.
Looking at the manual fuse 12 is heated steering wheel and I believe its permanent live from another post.
I don't have a heated steering wheel so I may choose this for the permanent live fuse (assuming the wiring is all there).
What is the fuse rating for the heated steering wheel?

Same question for the switched fuse 46 which is heated rear seats (again I don't have this). What is the fuse rating?

My dash cam has 5v fuses so I'm hoping these 2 I have chosen will be greater than 5v (say 7.5v) and of course that the wiring is there to the fuse box.
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Does anyone know how to get around the issue where stopping in traffic (causing the stop/start to kick in) also causes the dashcam to cut out? It strangely doesn't happen every time, but often enough that the wife is less than happy with it.
It is a brand new Kamiq SEL Exec and Halfords installed the cam for us and have hardwired it into the fuse for the rear wiper.
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I always switch off “ stop/ start” ( and lane assist) don’t like it..!
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Hello Guys

I'm relatively new to the world of always live and ignition fuses. I have received a dash cam hard wire kit and it has 3 component
1. Black- for Ground
2. Red- Accessory supply ( i believe this is ignition only)
3. Yellow - Battery

Now Red and Yellow both have mini fuse like orientation attached to it and I belive it work like plug and play. Now I need help with insertion of these , where should I insert the Yellow ( always on) and Red( ignition only). From the forum discussion i understand there certain empty ports in fuse box. Can use any of these.

I noted someone saying about piggyback fuses.. which piggyback connector should I be buying?. And again where would I be fitting them for same i.e RED and YELLOW. please pardon my ignorance and help


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